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Hacking with Git: Git-Shell Proof of Concept

Hacking with Git: Git-Enum metasploit module release

Near, phar, dangerous Unserialization wherever you are


ExploitDev: WooCommerce php object injection

Advisories and Acknowledgements


ChunkyTuna - A Web Shell Evolved

Hacking with Git: Git-Fingerprint tool release

Hacking with Git: The Video & Slides

Decrypting Mole02 Part Two - Universal Decryption Tool

BSides Glasgow CTF

[tool release] BurpExtenderForge

SSRS Attacks Part 2 - Building an Empire

SSRS Attacks Part 1 - Dynamic Data Extraction

In (zero) days gone by - Part 1 - Magento Unauthenticated SQLi (CVE-2011-4781)

A bit about Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)

Uploading files to RDP, VNC, or anywhere you can type

Setting Service Principal Names to roast accounts

Using machine account passwords during an engagement

Posted on 8th July 2018 by Secarma